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An inquisitive virgin with a question ...

What are some sure fire techniques in giving head?  [silently wishing she had someone to try them out on]  ~ Sick Puppy

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lick around the head of the penic.. use hands and humming can also add a slight vibration.. practice on a flashlight... cucumber... anything really... good luck
Scrape your teeth along it real hard, they like that. then dig your nails into it , that'll get'em off.
depends on the person, dear!
Lol, I agree, my guy didn't like the teeth against it.
Look don't be biten no man he will punch you right in the forehead. Look it's real simple take control make him know that as long as he is in your hands he will cum when you want him to and stop at you very request control and technique as far as technique my girl uses the ol reliable gimme your head and i'll do it sometimes which is ok but not if you have a sensetive gag reflex. But you can also option for the foreplay way which will save you alot of jaw work get him naked hand job a lil cover it it something edible if possible just a little hot a good test is the nipple it it burns your nipple its too damn hot but put that on him handjob a lil more then lick and suck should be done in no time it always gets me off.. get luck